Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect when visiting for the first time? A: We have a safe place for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions and simply want to check out Christianity without anyone pressuring them. It's also a place where those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ can learn and be encouraged in their spiritual journey. You can relax when you visit, knowing that no one is going to single you out, put a visitor sticker on you or otherwise embarrass you. This is truly a safe place to find answers at your own pace. Expect to be greeted and loved!

Q: What kind of music do you use in your worship services? A: Our blended style is contemporary, yet includes traditional and ancient hymns. We incorporate both musical and non musical forms of worship.

Q: What should I wear? A: You may come casually, even when you're in shorts. Each person here is accepted for who they are, as they are. We want you to know you're welcome and that there are many others here just like you!

Q: Do you have programs for infants, children, and teens? A: Yes! Our modern nursery, complete with pagers, is open for nearly all church services and events. Children’s programs are offered on Sunday mornings. On Wednesday nights, our junior high and high school programs are drawing students from all over the high desert. We place a high emphasis on family ministry. Please click on the navigation menu under ministries to read and see more details!

Q: Will you hit me up for money? A: When you visit our church, leave your wallet and purse at home! We're more interested in genuinely helping you in your spiritual journey than in your pocketbook. We routinely encourage guests to not feel obligated to give financially. Seriously!

Q: What does the name, FREE Methodist mean? A: Here’s a quick overview: Responding to a number of critical issues within the American Methodist Episcopal Church, along with the need for revival and reform, a group of preachers under the leadership of B.T. Roberts formed the “Free” Methodist Church in 1860. The issues surrounding the church’s founding included so many “freedoms” that the founders considered it difficult to give the new church any other name than “Free Methodist.” However, the following freedoms stand out among those embraced: The need for free pews in church (people previously had to pay for their use); human freedom (i.e. the abolition of slavery); freedom in worship (i.e. in the language and style of the people); freedom from materialism; freedom in relationships (i.e. dropping social, economic, and gender barriers). To find out more, click here.)

Q: Why do you do Communion every week? A: Following the pattern of the first century Church (cf. Acts 2:42, 46), sharing in Holy Communion has been a central part of every time a body of believers gathers together.

Q: Do I have to take Communion? A: No, absolutely not.  We practice open table and encourage all believers who choose to partake to participate in our Holy Communion, however; this is entirely your choice and no one will judge you for waiting or choosing not to partake.

Q: Why do you read so many scriptures? A: While we offer a good blend of traditional and contemporary service it is important to remember that the public reading of portions of scripture (Psalms, Old Testament, Gospels, and Epistles) goes back to the earliest services of Christianity, where they were organized into a set pattern known as the 'lectionary.'  In today's culture where many people aren't avid readers, 'hearing' the Word of God each week takes on extra significance.  In addition, the spoken Word has always been revered by God's people (cf. Isaiah 55:11).

Do you have a question that wasn't answered here? Is there something that you have wanted to know for a long time, but were afraid to ask? Then email our Pastor and ask! So go ahead, don't be afraid and ask your question, whatever it is. You can contact our pastor at BFMCstaff AT earthlinkDOTcom. Or if your question has more to do with our office, location, minstry, etc, contact our staff at info AT barstowchurch DOT com.